Most recent facilities study envisions Curtis School still standing…

The most recent report to look at the 1896 Curtis Elementary School was the 2010 Municipal Facilities Assessment conducted by the Drummey Rosane Anderson architectural firm (known as the “DRA Report”). There are 17 pages dedicated to the Curtis School, and the authors do not indicate that the building is too deteriorated to be preserved.

In fact, quite the opposite — the report suggests that the frame of the building be used for a fire station. Notably, the conclusion of the town’s own consultant is directly opposite the recommendation that was made at the 2011 Annual Town Meeting. The consultant’s recommended outcome could not be accomplished if the building were demolished:

“Based upon evaluation of this building, and upon consideration of the various needs expressed by members of the community and the Town administration, our recommendation to salvage only the basic exterior historic envelope of this building, to the extent possible, and to restructure, redesign, and reconstruct the building to serve as a satellite fire station serving the north end of town.”

Prior to undertaking this work, a program of stabilization of the current structure needs to be put into action, in order to prevent further deterioration. And a design project should be undertaken, to study the feasibility of re-use in more depth, including a program for the proposed satellite fire station, schematic designs, and cost estimates.”

Read the full 17-page section of the DRA Report by clicking on this link:

2010 Municipal Facilities Assessment (DRA) Report


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