How you can help…

If you are interested in helping to preserve the 1896 Curtis School, the most important thing you can do is come to the Annual Town Meeting on Monday, May 7, 2012, and vote in favor of Article 54.

Passage of the article will establish a task force, so volunteers will be needed to serve on that committee.

In the weeks leading up to town meeting, you can talk about this issue with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to support the article. You also could reach out to town officials to encourage their support, write a Letter to the Editor of the Mariner, and spread the word through social media channels.

This site will be constantly refreshed with additional information. To contact the town meeting article’s sponsor, e-mail Chris Haraden at

Thank you!


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  1. HanoverTownie

    This is great information. You can count on my vote at Town Meeting!

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