Future of Gallant Field has potential to include existing Curtis building…

The Hanover Park & Recreation Master Plan from 2007-2008 shows suggested improvements to Amos Gallant Field (a baseball diamond behind the Curtis School that is often used by other sports teams for practice) that include the addition of tennis courts, reconfiguration of parking, and, significantly, the removal of the Curtis School building.

However, the plan also envisions the construction of a new 800-square-foot building for restrooms, concessions, and storage, with a cost estimate of approximately $140,000. The 1896 Curtis School is significantly larger and offers more space for programming in addition to restrooms, concessions, and storage. Using the existing structure would accomplish the goals of improving recreational opportunities while also preserving Hanover’s historic assets.

The task force that would be formed by Article 54 would work in conjunction with the Park & Recreation Department, the neighbors, and all other interested parties to determine if the 1896 Curtis School could be incorporated into the future plans for Amos Gallant Field.

Read the full Park & Rec Master plan by clicking the link below (includes a larger version of the image above):



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