Welcome to the Curtis School Preservation blog…

This site’s purpose is to provide information about and generate ideas to preserve the 1896 Curtis Elementary School in Hanover, Massachusetts, which will be torn down in June 2012 unless citizens take action.

Voters at the May 7 Annual Town Meeting will be asked to reconsider last year’s vote to raze the building. Article 54 also would appoint a task force to establish a clearly defined process to address preservation options for this structure, and for other historic buildings in Hanover that may be threatened with demolition in the coming years. Click here to read the full text of the May 7 Special and Annual Town Meeting Warrants, with the Advisory Committee’s recommendations. We respectfully (but strongly) disagree with the Committee’s opposition to Article 54 (see page 39 of the PDF link).

For more information, contact the article’s sponsor, Chris Haraden, charaden@comcast.net.



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One response to “Welcome to the Curtis School Preservation blog…

  1. HanoverTownie

    Thank you for creating this site and providing this information to the residents of Hanover.

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